Equity Investment

Jinyuan Private Equity Investment Fund is a core business that focuses on the environment, energy saving, medicine, health, the Internet and advanced manufacturing. The core team consists mainly of industry veterans with much collective management and merger experience. In recent years, successful investment has been made in dozens of companies, several of which are now listed. The goal for the next five years is the achievement of investment valued at 2 billion RMB to build a leading brand in the financial investment industry in the Yangtze River Delta area.

The company relies on confidence to help invested enterprises achieve rapid growth and provide them with satisfactory services. At the same time, it will create outstanding performance returns for investors, to achieve a dual harvest of both economic and social value.

Integrity / Robust / Accurate / Efficient

  • Value Investments:Uphold the value of Jinyuan consistent investment philosophy
  • Long-term returns:Help enterprises to grow rapidly, the pursuit of long-term investment rate of return
  • Deep plowing industry:Intensive industries, focusing on investment in industrial chain
  • Risk control:Strict selection of each investment project, adhere to independent value judgments

Involved in the establishment of the regional industry and finance aircraft carrier "Zhejiang people cast & rdquo;

Zhejiang Province, led by the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jinyuan grapefruit and other provinces of eight large-scale private enterprises and a leading co-founded the fund is to explore the private enterprises in Zhejiang to capital as a link to control the development of new resources development model, the main service in Zhejiang Province Private leading enterprises, through support for mergers and acquisitions and industrial chain integration, participation in state-owned enterprises mixed ownership reform, fostering strategic emerging industries, small and medium enterprises, and domestic and foreign investment institutions, such as cooperation to become bigger and stronger company size. "Planning the registered capital of 30 billion yuan, the first phase to raise funds 5 billion yuan, the use of" project + wood funds "model, driven by private enterprise investment and leveraging financial institutions.

Participate in the "Ginkgo Valley" capital

Ginkgo Valley Capital is a major innovation of the Industrial Capital Alliance of Zhejiang Province to cultivate new industry: the patience of industrialists and the vision of investors to gradually introduce the traditional industrial capital into the new economy, so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the prosperity of new industry. development of.

Ginkgo Valley Capital relies on the investment team of the semiconductor gene to focus on the first round of investment opportunities for new products, new technologies, new services and new demands in real time. It is committed to researching, cultivating and investing in new industries. Materials, e-commerce, high-end equipment, and other fields have many success stories.

Investment in general aviation industry

With the international high-end aircraft manufacturing company's strategic cooperation, entered the aircraft manufacturing, navigation operations, airport construction and other industrial fields. The next decade, with the national low-altitude reform of the full liberalization, just as China entered the field of automobile manufacturing 20 years ago, China's general aviation industry will usher in the golden age.

Investment areas

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