Intelligent Manufacturing

Wanfeng technology Standing in China manufacturing 2025 of the air, seize the "machine substitutions," the era of opportunity, Qingli high-end smart equipment in the development and production, tailored to customers, "Smart DreamWorks", and strive to become international and specialized industries Automation System Integration Manufacturer. Wanfeng robot and intelligent equipment has become the industry's well-known brands, the domestic market share for many years ranked first, is the number of international standards drafted the first unit.

PaslinFounded in 1937 and headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Paslin is a leading international supplier of welding robot applications, with its leading experience in automation systems concepts, industrial design, construction and production assembly, serving the global automotive and heavy industry Of the production to provide automated system solutions. Wanfeng acquired Paslin, Wanfeng robot will board the global competitive platform. And Wanfeng robot in the field of industrial automation to produce synergies, to provide customers with access to rough machining and components to connect the integration of automated solutions.