Cultural Concept

No strategyNo direction

-Guiding Ideology: With professional talents as the core, the value investments as the basis, the risk control as the guarantee, the brand image as the development, we will build an international leading financial holding group.
-Five Responsibilities:-Realize the enterprise’s sustainable development; Pay taxes by the law;
improve faculty’s life quality; undertake the social responsibility; Reward shareholder’s investment.


    -Vision:Create an International Brand, Build a Century Enterprise.
    -Value:Continuously Create Value; Consistently Contribute to Society.
    -Ideology:Sources in One, Mercy for All.
    -Spirit:Diligent, Competitive, Enaction, Studious, Teamwork

No TalentsNo future

"Individual ability is limited, but a team goes beyond the limits". With an open and inclusive culture, Jinyuan Holding Group attracts professionals who bear ideals and aspirations and are able to create, represent and contribute value as well as enjoying work, life, through creation and sharing.

No BrandNo vitality

    The two stems wound together symbolize harvest, with the variant of the Greek letter W inside representing the World to illustrate the international thinking of the enterprise and the embedded F is for Financial. The color red stands for professional strength and the positive sense of solidarity of Wanfeng Jinyuan.