Party Construction

With the concept "Follow the Party in Line with its Instructions", Jinyuan Holding Group regards "establish a party building banner of private enterprises for businesses of vitality and happiness" as a goal. Focus is on enterprise operation to carry out the Party building scheme in collaboration with the Party Committee, the Trade Unions, the People's Armed Forces, the Communist Youth League Committee and the Women's Federation. In this way a distinct road to Party Building by non-public enterprise can be set up.

    People's armed forces

    The armed forces and the militia construction as a historical mission and Social Responsibility, the implementation of the armed work and enterprise development to promote mutual win-win situation, and has been the development of the armed forces, Higher authorities and military authorities fully affirmed. In 2000 June by the Nanjing Military Region as militia work "three implementation" advanced unit, successively more than 10 times by the provinces and municipalities as private enterprises to carry out armed work, national defense education, national defense reserve force construction advanced unit. In March 2012 was the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, the provincial military militia as the province's advanced collective; June 10, deputy commander of the Nanjing Military Region Qin Wei Jiang also made a special trip to guide, this is the great work of armed Wanfeng sure.

    Communist Youth League

    Under the correct leadership of the Communist Youth League and the Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Wanfeng Communist Youth League has always adhered to the three basic principles of the Communist Youth League, adhering to the concept of "Party building with Youth League, Youth League with Youth League Building" .Only according to the organizational construction, project construction, , The system construction, play a good role in the "five good" requirements, in-depth implementation of the "Red Flag Project", and constantly promote the work of the League to explore the establishment of the "12345 working mechanism", that is a team of cadres, two platforms Sports, entertainment), five series of activities (to enhance the series, entertainment series, interesting series, knowledge series (production, sports, entertainment), three positions (production, sports, entertainment), four youth assault squad (technology, sports, entertainment, , Public service series).

    In accordance with the principle of "training in place, putting in place, putting in place, putting people in place and putting mechanism in place," the goal is to enhance the quality of the regimental cadre and strengthen the grass-roots organization of the regiment. Training, the May Fourth theme activities and many other activities as the carrier of the quality of the young team works for the production and operation of services to promote the development of enterprises contribute to the wisdom and strength of young people.

    Cultural life is endless. To meet and guide the spiritual and cultural needs of young workers, launched a series of measures, organized a series of cultural and sports activities. Annual staff games, Mid-Autumn evening party, square concert and other activities. Basketball, soccer, track and field every game, members of the youth are the main members of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Talent Show, Christmas will be every party, every program, there are members of youth The young people to carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, commitment to Social Responsibility, sowing the seeds of love. In the beautiful and harmonious Wanfeng homes, members of young people enjoy the show youth style, sway youth blood, realize youth dream, give full play to the party's assistant and reserve role.

    Party committee

    Wanfeng Jinyuan Holding Group always adhere to "listen to the party, with the party to go, and comprehensively promote the productive forces", and effectively strengthen the party building work.

    一、 Party building objectives:To create "vitality and happiness of enterprises", establish a national private enterprise party building flag.

    二、 Party building security:Strengthen organizational security, strengthen the security team, strengthen ideological protection, strengthen the system of protection, and strengthen financial security.

    三、 Party role:Play a political core role in the enterprise workers and workers; play a leading role in the development of enterprises in politics.

    四、 Party position:Guide the material civilization & mdash; promote the development of strategies to guide the political civilization - perfect enterprise system, leading the spiritual civilization & mdash; carry forward the company culture, leading social civilization & mdash; commitment to social responsibility, the implementation of oversight functions & mdash;

    五、 Party committee duty:Publicity and implementation of the party's line, principles and policies, solidarity and masses of workers, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, building advanced Company culture, promote the healthy development of enterprises and strengthen their own construction.


    Group trade unions always adhere to the people-oriented, and actively participate in enterprise management, safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, employees and enterprises a total of development, a total destiny, and common enjoyment of development results.

    Purpose of the work:Service enterprises to promote development, service workers and promote harmony.

    Work goals:The legitimate rights and interests of employees as their pursuit of the overall goal.

    Values:Service enterprises, close to workers, is committed to harmony.

    The quality of cadres:There is love, wisdom, ability, have fun.

    Work orientation:Orientation must focus on the overall situation, the work orientation must focus on adaptation, job orientation must focus on maintenance, service orientation must focus on workers.

    Rights protection principle:Promote enterprise development, and safeguard the rights and interests of employees.

    Rights evaluation:Employees are the object of trade union rights protection, is the beneficiaries of trade union rights, they know the situation, the most right to speak, regularly organize workers to measure the effect of trade unions to their satisfaction as the most important basis for evaluation.

    Rights:To promote the democratic management of enterprises as a fundamental, establish and improve the source of participation in the mechanism of workers' congress; wage negotiations, the signing of the collective wage contract as the starting point, and vigorously promote the equal collective bargaining mechanism to advance labor dispute early warning, mediation, Establish and improve labor dispute pre-treatment mechanism; to protect the basic life of the difficulties of workers as the goal, set up to help the poor relief mechanism.

    Six projects:The first is "housing project", the second is "health project", the third is "caring project", the fourth is "quality project", "democratic project";

    Women 's Federation

    Wanfeng Women's Work Committee "to promote productivity as the core, to serve women workers for the purpose of" focus on five projects:

    1, Health engineering.Health training: the organization of all female workers every year for medical examination, and the purchase of a special disease insurance; health talks: regularly invited hospital experts free female health knowledge lectures; entertainment fitness: the formation of the women's choir, the establishment of the square dance team, Female employees of the cultivation temperament; travel shopping: the annual organization of female workers to Huangshan, Yandang Shan, Sanqingshan and other places of tourism.

    2, The quality of engineering.Skills training: female workers to participate in organized by the trade unions skills competition, issued by the human resources and social security department vocational qualification certificates, and monthly labor skill allowance. Advanced selection: the annual "Top Ten female model" post selection activities to encourage women workers make contributions to enhance their sense of responsibility and mission.

    3, Happiness project.Attractive Women Lecture: Invite Chairman and Experts to "Wisdom Woman, Happy Life" Report. Matchmaker activities: Christmas each year, 54, seventy-seven during the organization with the brothers barbecue, watching movies, dumplings and other recreational activities. Moral model selection: Mid-Autumn Festival awards every year in recognition of "good wife, good mother, good daughter", so that the company culture into every family.

    4, Care projects.The development of "employee care management system", the female workers of marriage, birth, illness, relatives, such as death in time for sympathy.

    5, Rights engineering.Protect the rights and interests of female workers. The staff of the forum, satisfaction survey, the rationalization of the channels of female workers to rationalize the proposal; the establishment of a mediation committee to address the female workers of labor disputes and family disputes. Implementation of family planning: marriage through staff approval approval, strict grasp of family planning.